Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kids Fishing Gift Basket

As I had mentioned in other posts, I work for a custom home builder out of the Cleveland region. When we turn over a home to the client we usually get the client and their children a house warming gift. This gives me the opportunity to use my creative talents to put something really fun things together for the kids - the best part, no budget! This a particular home was built on 13 acres most of which is ponds. So why not get the kids into fishing, a past time that I love.

The clients have two children; a 7 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. Being a huge advocate of Barbie was instantly drawn the the Barbie beginner fishing pole! I have no experience being around little boys so I couldn't decide between Batman or Spiderman and ended up going with Spiderman just because it was much more colorful!

Item list and total costs for this project:
Fishing Pole - $13.76 each
Tackle Box - $9.99 and $4.99, These were buy one get one 50% off!
Fishing Hooks and Lures - $17.40, I bought one large hook kit and slit it up between the two and then bought a few other lure packages for each of them
Bobbers - $1.94 and $3.29, the pink ones were more
Fishing Pole Rest (the Y shaped thing) - $3.49 each
Pliers - $1.96 each
Kids Camping Chair -  $6.97 each
Washcloth (aka rag) - $1.77 each
Bug Spray -  $4.92 each
Wet Ones -$.97 each
White Basket - $4.50 each
Tissue Paper - $4.92

Each basket cost approx. $58.00 to put together.

Monogrammed Door Wreath

I've seen a bunch of these on Pinterest and have wanted to put one together since we bought our home at the end of 2012. My hang up is how much those wreaths cost at the craft store! $30 bucks was just a little too much for me. So I thought I would wait it out until I found a good deal on the wreath or until I found good materials in nature to make the wreath myself. 
Well, as I was driving to work one day the home down the street was going up for sale and they had a bunch of items at the end of the drive way with a "free" sign, two of the items were wreaths! Woo whoo, I slammed on the breaks and threw those in my trunk quicker then a duck on a june bug!

Before I started the flowers and the letter I spray painted my found wreath silver with least expensive spray paint I could find. 

I printed my own letter L, it was too big for one sheet so I had to print on two sheets and cut out and tape together for a stencil. I cut up a cardboard box for the letter. The fabric shown are extra pieces I had laying around. I only ended up using the white and yellow.
I traced the letter on each of the pieces of cardboard and then cut out the cardboard L's.
Once I had all my :'s cut out I hot glued them all together and wrapped them in plastic grocery bags to "waterproof" them. I ripped my white fabric into strips. and tightly wound the fabric around the letter, hot gluing along the way.

 For the flowers, I thought about doing them in fabric originally, but wanted them to be water resistant, so I Googled how to make plastic flowers.  I found I good tutorial and started on my plastic bag flowers. The video tutorial is at the end of this post. Well, the plastic bags just weren't doing it for me, they were too thin and I didn't like that some had printing on them. So, I needed something a little thicker and thought plastic table clothes would do the trick and they come in any color!
I only unfolded the table cloth a few times and then cut into approx. 1 inch strips.Strips ended up being about 1x4inches.
I cut open any ends that were folded.
I then folded my strips accordion style. Each strip now has many layers of plastics.
I secured my folded strips with a twist tie.
I fanned out my strip. 
 I then started fluffing out each individual piece of plastic to form the flower.
 Finally, I hot glued each of my flowers to my wreath and attached my letter with one of the extra pieces of fabric I had.

Total project cost was $7.50
Wreath - Free (found)
Spray Paint - $2.50
Fabric - Free (had in my scrap bin)
Letter L - Free (hand made)
Plastic Flowers - $5.00 ($2.50 for each plastic table cloth)

Here is the flower tutorial:

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Quilled Wedding Invitation

My co-worker is getting married today, I don't have a lot of money to give him as a gift so I thought I would make one for him and his soon to be wife!
The frame was on sale at JoAnn Fabrics for $7.50 and I had the quilling supplies! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

baby basket

recently, at work, we turned a home over to a new client.
we just found out that the wife is freshly pregnant! 
so, i though i would put together a baby basket. 
since we she is so newly prego we don't know what she is having so i tried to find gender neutral items,  harder then you would think...maybe if i had more time to look around, i ended up going with gray, yellow and white.

i usually pride myself on making these types of gifts with a bit of frugality, but baby stuff ain't cheap
plus, work was footing the bill so i wasn't overly concerned

this basket ($5.99) included:
a three pack of onesies - $8.99
two pack of pants - $6.99
six pack of socks - $7.99
 a blanket - $16.99
frame ($10) with custom done quilling by yours truly
for a grand total of approx. $57.00

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

quilled anniversary inviation

So, I am on a qilling kick after realizing I may have a knack for this...
My mother-in-law text me and asked if i could show her how to quill so that she could make so an anniversary invitation for her boss, after showing her how to do one leaf we both quickly realized that it wasn't going to happen for her, so i volunteered to do the invitation for her

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

quilled wedding invitation

i had mentioned before, my sister-in-law is getting married in September
i wanted to do something special for her...

quilling started with my mothers, mother - sweet little grandma Madeline
my grandma did beautiful quilling and i wanted her to do my wedding invitation so badly, but by the time my wedding rolled around she was too gone with dementia and it was just not possible
my mom surpirsed me on my wedding day with my invitation lightly and tasteful quilled, she did it herself because she knew how badly i wanted my invitation done
she had never done quilling before and it turned out wonderful, i placed it next to my wedding cake at the reception, i got so many compliments on it
when my sister-in-law told us that she was getting married my mom decided that she wanted to quill around her invitation as a wedding present
my mother passed away in novermber 2012 after breast cancer came back in her bones and took her life in 6 short months

so, i sat down with my grandmothers quilling supplies and tried to figure it out...
i think doing this project emotionally was more for me then it was giving a gift to my sister-in-law

i think it turned out amazing, i am still shocked that i even made this!

side note: i took this to my grandma madeline's nursing home and showed her. 
when she saw it she said the first cohesive sentence i have heard her say in months

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

the grill gift basket

my sister-in-law is getting married in September!
the bridesmaids are throwing a shower and we came up with the idea for each bridesmaid to make a basket that didn't cost over $20.00 to give away as a prize for the games

i knew that there would probably be a wine basket and a bath and body works basket so i really wanted to make something fun and creative, also, her colors are black, red and white
the result: a take-a-long grill basket

 it includes:
one mini charcoal grill - $10.00
oven mit - $1.00
bag of charcoal - $2.50
red plastic plates - $1.25
black plastic silverware -  $1.00
grill lighter - $1.00
spatula - $1.00
tongs - $1.00
grill brush - $3.00 
(this was an accident, i wanted the $1.00 brush, it was placed under the  incorrect price sticker, and this $3.00 mistake made me go over budget!)

this project cost a grand total of $21.75

Friday, June 28, 2013

dinosaur gift basket and chalk board

i work for a custom home builder in the cleveland region, when we go to turn over a home to a client we like to give them a nice house warming gift, we have a standard go to gift but if they have children that's when i get to make something fun!
this particular family had three small boys

i bought the dino basket at target and filled it will "fun" educational items that i found in the teachers section at staples along with the chalkboard
i hand drew the dinosaurs on the board

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

baby sock roses

this is one of my favorite gifts to give an expecting or new mother
this gift is great when you're strapped for cash, it's also nice to add this to a baby themed gift basket or insert a gift cards amongst the flowers
i have gotten so many compliments on this gift and is usually the only one that gets passed around at the showers

here are step by step instructions
(disclaimer: it took me a while to really get the hang of this, so, try not to get frustrated too quickly)
i got these 6 stem artificial flowers at wally world around valentines day for 10 cents a piece! 
i stocked up and bought 30+

first, i de-flower the stem and push the leaves down to the base of the bouquet
depending on the color of the petals and which gender i am making this gift for i like to pull apart the petals and use them as filler in the box i will later wrap the bouquet in

second, i take my baby sock an fold the top of the sock in

then, from the toe, i tightly roll the sock up towards the opening

next, i pull the top of the sock around the rolled up portion

i then take a piece of floral tape and tightly secure the sock

next, i find a good opening and insert a stem between the sock and the floral tape

i take another, larger, piece of floral tape and start at the top and work may way down to the stem, pulling tightly the whole time

pull the leaves back up and secure with a small piece of floral tape under the leaves

finally, i take a 12x12 piece of scarp book paper and make it into a cone shape and insert the flowers with some tissue paper (i have also used a baby blanket in the past, but doesn't present as well)

i included a hand made card with these particular bouquets and i like to add a pair of socks to the card because, let's be honest, people are stupid and i want to make sure the recipient knows what they are getting
(disclaimer numero dos: i have gotten several complaints on what a pain in the ass these are to take apart)

this project generally cost $8.00 to make
$6.00 for 6 pair of baby socks
$1.00 for the bouquet of artificial flowers
$.25/ piece of scrap book paper

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

easy plaid pillows

oh the things men bring into relationships...yeah, we still have his futon
other things include this lovely comforter, hand-me-downs of a deceased family member, weird...
but, as a new home owner, you may know, money is tight! so i will take what i have, make the best of it and make it better
this is my guest room, i have limited queen size bedding
to pull the room together i thought i would make some EASY pillows to match the comforter
these pillows can be made without a sewing machine, but i did use mine
i purchased fabric and ribbon to match the comforter 

i cut the fabric to the size pillow i wanted and laid the ribbon out in a pattern
i made three pillows and thought it would be nice to do different plaid patterns on each
once i decided i liked the patterns on each pillow i used iron adhesive hem tape to adhere the ribbon to the fabric
once the ribbon was fastened to the fabric i turned the fabic inside out and sewed the edges, except for one small open to insert the stuffing
(this is were you don't necessary need a sewing machine, you could use the hem tape and iron the edges together)
flip right side out and stuff 
 hand sew up the stuffing opening

this project cost about $12.00
$3.00 for a yard of inexpensive fabric
$2.00 each for a roll of ribbon
$3.00 for the no sew, iron on hem tap

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