Wednesday, July 24, 2013

the grill gift basket

my sister-in-law is getting married in September!
the bridesmaids are throwing a shower and we came up with the idea for each bridesmaid to make a basket that didn't cost over $20.00 to give away as a prize for the games

i knew that there would probably be a wine basket and a bath and body works basket so i really wanted to make something fun and creative, also, her colors are black, red and white
the result: a take-a-long grill basket

 it includes:
one mini charcoal grill - $10.00
oven mit - $1.00
bag of charcoal - $2.50
red plastic plates - $1.25
black plastic silverware -  $1.00
grill lighter - $1.00
spatula - $1.00
tongs - $1.00
grill brush - $3.00 
(this was an accident, i wanted the $1.00 brush, it was placed under the  incorrect price sticker, and this $3.00 mistake made me go over budget!)

this project cost a grand total of $21.75