Tuesday, October 1, 2013

baby basket

recently, at work, we turned a home over to a new client.
we just found out that the wife is freshly pregnant! 
so, i though i would put together a baby basket. 
since we she is so newly prego we don't know what she is having so i tried to find gender neutral items,  harder then you would think...maybe if i had more time to look around, i ended up going with gray, yellow and white.

i usually pride myself on making these types of gifts with a bit of frugality, but baby stuff ain't cheap
plus, work was footing the bill so i wasn't overly concerned

this basket ($5.99) included:
a three pack of onesies - $8.99
two pack of pants - $6.99
six pack of socks - $7.99
 a blanket - $16.99
frame ($10) with custom done quilling by yours truly
for a grand total of approx. $57.00

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