Tuesday, March 12, 2013

baby sock roses

this is one of my favorite gifts to give an expecting or new mother
this gift is great when you're strapped for cash, it's also nice to add this to a baby themed gift basket or insert a gift cards amongst the flowers
i have gotten so many compliments on this gift and is usually the only one that gets passed around at the showers

here are step by step instructions
(disclaimer: it took me a while to really get the hang of this, so, try not to get frustrated too quickly)
i got these 6 stem artificial flowers at wally world around valentines day for 10 cents a piece! 
i stocked up and bought 30+

first, i de-flower the stem and push the leaves down to the base of the bouquet
depending on the color of the petals and which gender i am making this gift for i like to pull apart the petals and use them as filler in the box i will later wrap the bouquet in

second, i take my baby sock an fold the top of the sock in

then, from the toe, i tightly roll the sock up towards the opening

next, i pull the top of the sock around the rolled up portion

i then take a piece of floral tape and tightly secure the sock

next, i find a good opening and insert a stem between the sock and the floral tape

i take another, larger, piece of floral tape and start at the top and work may way down to the stem, pulling tightly the whole time

pull the leaves back up and secure with a small piece of floral tape under the leaves

finally, i take a 12x12 piece of scarp book paper and make it into a cone shape and insert the flowers with some tissue paper (i have also used a baby blanket in the past, but doesn't present as well)

i included a hand made card with these particular bouquets and i like to add a pair of socks to the card because, let's be honest, people are stupid and i want to make sure the recipient knows what they are getting
(disclaimer numero dos: i have gotten several complaints on what a pain in the ass these are to take apart)

this project generally cost $8.00 to make
$6.00 for 6 pair of baby socks
$1.00 for the bouquet of artificial flowers
$.25/ piece of scrap book paper

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