Wednesday, January 23, 2013

easy plaid pillows

oh the things men bring into relationships...yeah, we still have his futon
other things include this lovely comforter, hand-me-downs of a deceased family member, weird...
but, as a new home owner, you may know, money is tight! so i will take what i have, make the best of it and make it better
this is my guest room, i have limited queen size bedding
to pull the room together i thought i would make some EASY pillows to match the comforter
these pillows can be made without a sewing machine, but i did use mine
i purchased fabric and ribbon to match the comforter 

i cut the fabric to the size pillow i wanted and laid the ribbon out in a pattern
i made three pillows and thought it would be nice to do different plaid patterns on each
once i decided i liked the patterns on each pillow i used iron adhesive hem tape to adhere the ribbon to the fabric
once the ribbon was fastened to the fabric i turned the fabic inside out and sewed the edges, except for one small open to insert the stuffing
(this is were you don't necessary need a sewing machine, you could use the hem tape and iron the edges together)
flip right side out and stuff 
 hand sew up the stuffing opening

this project cost about $12.00
$3.00 for a yard of inexpensive fabric
$2.00 each for a roll of ribbon
$3.00 for the no sew, iron on hem tap

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