Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kids Fishing Gift Basket

As I had mentioned in other posts, I work for a custom home builder out of the Cleveland region. When we turn over a home to the client we usually get the client and their children a house warming gift. This gives me the opportunity to use my creative talents to put something really fun things together for the kids - the best part, no budget! This a particular home was built on 13 acres most of which is ponds. So why not get the kids into fishing, a past time that I love.

The clients have two children; a 7 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. Being a huge advocate of Barbie was instantly drawn the the Barbie beginner fishing pole! I have no experience being around little boys so I couldn't decide between Batman or Spiderman and ended up going with Spiderman just because it was much more colorful!

Item list and total costs for this project:
Fishing Pole - $13.76 each
Tackle Box - $9.99 and $4.99, These were buy one get one 50% off!
Fishing Hooks and Lures - $17.40, I bought one large hook kit and slit it up between the two and then bought a few other lure packages for each of them
Bobbers - $1.94 and $3.29, the pink ones were more
Fishing Pole Rest (the Y shaped thing) - $3.49 each
Pliers - $1.96 each
Kids Camping Chair -  $6.97 each
Washcloth (aka rag) - $1.77 each
Bug Spray -  $4.92 each
Wet Ones -$.97 each
White Basket - $4.50 each
Tissue Paper - $4.92

Each basket cost approx. $58.00 to put together.

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