Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monogrammed Door Wreath

I've seen a bunch of these on Pinterest and have wanted to put one together since we bought our home at the end of 2012. My hang up is how much those wreaths cost at the craft store! $30 bucks was just a little too much for me. So I thought I would wait it out until I found a good deal on the wreath or until I found good materials in nature to make the wreath myself. 
Well, as I was driving to work one day the home down the street was going up for sale and they had a bunch of items at the end of the drive way with a "free" sign, two of the items were wreaths! Woo whoo, I slammed on the breaks and threw those in my trunk quicker then a duck on a june bug!

Before I started the flowers and the letter I spray painted my found wreath silver with least expensive spray paint I could find. 

I printed my own letter L, it was too big for one sheet so I had to print on two sheets and cut out and tape together for a stencil. I cut up a cardboard box for the letter. The fabric shown are extra pieces I had laying around. I only ended up using the white and yellow.
I traced the letter on each of the pieces of cardboard and then cut out the cardboard L's.
Once I had all my :'s cut out I hot glued them all together and wrapped them in plastic grocery bags to "waterproof" them. I ripped my white fabric into strips. and tightly wound the fabric around the letter, hot gluing along the way.

 For the flowers, I thought about doing them in fabric originally, but wanted them to be water resistant, so I Googled how to make plastic flowers.  I found I good tutorial and started on my plastic bag flowers. The video tutorial is at the end of this post. Well, the plastic bags just weren't doing it for me, they were too thin and I didn't like that some had printing on them. So, I needed something a little thicker and thought plastic table clothes would do the trick and they come in any color!
I only unfolded the table cloth a few times and then cut into approx. 1 inch strips.Strips ended up being about 1x4inches.
I cut open any ends that were folded.
I then folded my strips accordion style. Each strip now has many layers of plastics.
I secured my folded strips with a twist tie.
I fanned out my strip. 
 I then started fluffing out each individual piece of plastic to form the flower.
 Finally, I hot glued each of my flowers to my wreath and attached my letter with one of the extra pieces of fabric I had.

Total project cost was $7.50
Wreath - Free (found)
Spray Paint - $2.50
Fabric - Free (had in my scrap bin)
Letter L - Free (hand made)
Plastic Flowers - $5.00 ($2.50 for each plastic table cloth)

Here is the flower tutorial:

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